help bring health and fitness to rwanda
I am joining nbk & do good health
Help me host workshops
I am going to go and donate my time to teach the kids how to train and demonstrate how to move their bodies properly. I’ll host daily workshops and sessions training, teaching, and coach the coach sessions. 

I'm going to teach them how to become coaches, so they are empowered and can spread the knowledge.

I'm going to make athletes and give them the confidence that they CAN be healthy for life.

I'm going to spend the week giving everything I know about movement and programming design to these kids and these families so that they can reach their personal goals, which is to play for the national soccer team, and then live and expand their life trajectory beyond the village that they're in.

traveling july 2019
· a week of giving clinics and workshops
· create life changing assessments
· serve 10,000+ local residents
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