you can help build a medical center in rwanda
join crossfit nbk & do good health
Here at CrossFit NBK we have always believed in creating healthier people. This mission has aligned us to partner with Do Good Health (a newly launched project through the non-profit arm of Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee) to help build a medical clinic in Kivu, Rwanda. This community currently has to walk up to 20 hours to get to a hospital, and the distance often makes them not go at all. We are not okay with that!

Do Good Health is designed to spearhead the demand for medical care in underserved areas. They were given 99 lots of land in the most underserved and in need areas of Rwanda to build medical centers. Construction on the very first one will begin this August!
opening december 2018
· Build 4 wing medical center
· CROSSFIT NBK - Deliver weekly training & rehab
· serve 10,000+ local residents