100% of donation goes to building the medical center
december 2018 effort
The first clinic is on the site of Land of a Thousand Hills coffee washing station by Lake Kivu. Health assessments in the area reported high levels of knee and back pain among coffee farmers, mainly due to improper biomechanics when lifting 157 lb. bags of coffee. Along with fundraising to help build the clinic, we will be programming corrective routines for those who move wrong, as well as fitness routines to help decrease the risk of non-communicable disease (diabetes, high blood pressure) in the community. We are excited to say that these programs will be prescribed in the clinic.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help fund the building of the clinic. 100% of the money raised will go directly to the construction.
We went to Rwanda and tested local residents, 50x the amount we could serve showed up
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For free, you'll also receive Remote workouts delivered to your inbox weekly .. get fit, lose weight, and eliminate chronic disease. These are the same workouts we'll be delivering to the citizens of Rwanda where our hospital is being built. If you like the training, you can sign-up too with a monthly investment of only $9 - a 55% savings and only available to Rwanda Medical Center supporters. 
You'll also get access to the videos we make and send to Rwanda too w/ their local dialect, so you can really see what your donation has accomplished.
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