JV & VARISTY: Open training for our walton lacrosse Athletes
Coach Spotz has setup off season & in season training at CrossFit NBK  
 Faster and Stronger.. 
100% Flexible Class sessions to Summer
  •  FULL NBK Class Access -  Athletes may join all 42 NBK classes during week & weekend during any session
  •  December 3rd -  Dec 20th, 2-3x a week, Team at 4:30pm classes: GPP focus +
  •  December 20th - Jan 5th, 9:00-10:00am, Strength & Engine(New Technique Class at 8:30am) 2-3x a week
  •  January 5th - January 19th, Beginning at 4:30pm, Power & Endurance (suggested: 1-2x a week)
  •  January 19th - March 30th, Classes begin at 4:30pm - Strength Series (suggested: 1-2x a week)  
  •  **JV Strongly encouraged**
  •  Training: CrossFit methodology with strength development
  • Sessions a week: Athletes encouraged to attend listed times, but returning athletes can attend any class
  •  Coaching App on Phone: This season we will have all LAX Walton training available by our App, this will allow each athlete one-on-one feedback with coaching staff
The program fine text:
Training packages are sold for seasons. 
Athletes should attend as much as they are able to attend. 
If one-on-one remote training is requested, a coach will contact you directly.

Refunds are available up to 7 days after purchase
Step 1: Contact
Athlete details
Step 2: Billing Address
Step 3: Payment Information
$270 for NBK Classes, returning members (no refunds)
$345 for Jan-April 8th NBK Classes + Strength + Coaches App, no refunds after 7 days
$50 one time, for Foundational extra technique session in December
$9/month - cancel anytime
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:

ONE TIME OFFER ($50): We have trained over 24 LAX athletes this year + numerous top level athletes in high school and collegiate level. All benefit from technique and small group sessions. If your son has not attended NBK before, please have them join us for these 30 min sessions before the common group classes. This will pay dividends for decades into their future athletic careers.

What You Will GAIN with this program:
Skill #1: Improve Recovery Time

The ability to work the field demands a robust ability for your body to move across the 3 energy systems - we develop these weekly and will make you 30% better, guaranteed
Skill #2: Reduced injuries during the season

By developing mobility, strength, and all energy systems your body will be ready for the competitive season
Skill #3: Accelerated skill acquisition

Better at everything - through exposure, learned body awareness, and courage based on personal success
If you have ANY questions, please call us directly at 678-615-8777 or email jimmy@crossfitnbk.com
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